On November 17, we will hold our first design charrette to address Advance Care Planning with values being the driving factor. The event will be held at Mount Auburn Presbyterian Church in Cincinnati at 6:30 p.m.

What Happens in a Design Charrette?

A charrette is an intensive workshop where stakeholders get together to address a shared issue. Simply, it’s a session where peoples’ ideas matter and those ideas are brought together to solve a problem. At the end of a charrette, a solution is produced. During the process, a range of activities like storytelling, idea generation, drawing, acting, and even movie-making can happen. The emphasis of a charrette is for the group to share their values and perspectives and collaborate toward a shared solution.

Everyone participates in the way they feel comfortable. A charrette is not a competition, but a co-creative session where real solutions are presented and everyone learns something—about each other and the issue they are trying to address.

Join Us November 17!

We’ll be designing tools to help people have access to end-of-life decision-making that primarily consider peoples’ values. Everyone has a unique story. Different things matter to different people. Your participation in our first charrette could help reveal what needs to be done to help people make end-of-life decisions in ways that matter to them.

November 17 | 6–7:30 p.m.
Mount Auburn Presbyterian Church
103 William Howard Taft Rd, Unit 1
Cincinnati, OH 45219

Download the flyer for this event:

Charrette Flyer

Dennis Cheatham

Associate Professor, Communication Design

Miami University

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