The Living Values Project is a People-Driven Design project. The needs and preferences of the people living in the communities being studied are central to this research. We do not want to sell anyone anything, nor do we wish to make people become something they are not. While we hope to increase the number of people recording their decisions for matters that involve the end of their lives, the ways they do it should be relevant to them. In People-Driven Design, solutions are designed by the people instead of distant designers who think they know better.

Because this project is “people-driven,” it relies on participation by community members. This includes:

  • People who are willing to be interviewed to share their thoughts on this issue and their life experiences
  • People who would like to help design solutions together with researchers
  • People who would like to use solutions in their daily lives and record their thoughts.

Our team of researchers has all completed training and is committed to protecting personal information. It is important to us to honor the participants’ privacy concerns over the course of this research.

If you are a participant or are interested in participating and have a question about this project, please use the form below. You will be contacted by the research lead, Dennis Cheatham, and our team will not use your information for any purpose but to contact you via e-mail.

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